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Webinar: Women-led responses to Covid-19 in conflict-affected contexts


September 9, 2020

12pm West Africa Standard Time

Link to join via Zoom: 

In countries all over the world, Covid-19 and its impacts have compounded the effects of pre-existing crises. In parts of Nigeria and in many other contexts, coronavirus has struck communities already responding to the impacts of conflict. This convergence of crises has deepened the impacts of both conflict and Covid-19 – and women have been disproportionately affected.


Local, women-led organisations and movements have been leading response efforts in these contexts, working in networks and other coalitions to ensure that the rights of diverse women and other marginalised groups are protected. Across contexts, women and their organisations have worked together to overcome the challenges presented by both crises and the humanitarian system, using feminist approaches.


This webinar is a discussion of the specific impacts of Covid-19 in conflict-affected contexts, and importantly, of the local, women-led, feminist solutions to the challenges presented by these impacts. It is an opportunity for panellists to share their solutions and their learnings with participants, and for everyone who attends to contribute their own experiences.


This event is one in a series of webinars facilitated by the Feminist Humanitarian Network for humanitarian women leaders to share their learnings with each other and with the humanitarian sector and other stakeholders more broadly.

This webinar will be led by Mimidoo Achakpa, the National Coordinator of the Women in Humanitarian Response in Nigeria Initiative Network. Mimidoo will be joined by other members of the Feminist Humanitarian Network. 

Mimidoo Achakpa - National Coordinator of the Women in Humanitarian Response in Nigeria Initiative Network and Feminist Humanitarian Network Steering Committee member