For too long, the needs of women have gone overlooked by the humanitarian system, and their leadership and voices have been ignored.

Women leaders all over the world are taking action. Change is coming.


The Feminist Humanitarian Network is an international network of women leaders committed to a transformed humanitarian system that promotes a feminist humanitarian agenda.


Who we are

The Feminist Humanitarian Network is member based, comprised of local and national women’s rights organisations, national and regional women’s networks, international NGOs, academic organisations, funding institutions, and individuals. 


Our vision is of a global humanitarian system that is responsive, accountable and accessible to women and their organisations, in all their diversity; that challenges rather than perpetuates structural inequalities. 


Together, we are working to strengthen the agency and amplify the voices of women in emergencies.

During the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone, more women died of obstetric complications than of the disease itself.
In 2015, only 1% of all funding to fragile states went to women’s groups or government ministries of women.

The existing humanitarian system does not respond to the specific and disproportionate needs of women in crises or adequately recognise their leadership, or resource the critical efforts of women’s organisations.


We are committed to ensuring the voices of local women’s rights organisations are heard in international advocacy spaces and more publicly, and to supporting local leadership to drive change within the humanitarian system.


The Network facilitates space for women leaders to share the challenges they experience with the humanitarian system and to collectively define solutions to them.

The Network

 The Network is comprised of

48 members, including local and national women-led organisations working in the Global South, international organisations and individuals.

Members are a diverse range of local and national women’s rights organisations committed to redressing the power inequalities within the humanitarian system.

We are committed to maintaining a balance of 70% local /national organisations and 30% international organisations.


Find out more

The Feminist Humanitarian Network: who we are and what we stand for

Member in focus

Community Healthcare Initiative  is a women-led organisation working for women in Liberia

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Sharon Bhagwan Rolls, Technical Advisor to the Shifting the Power Coalition in the Pacific 

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