A feminist humanitarian system

The Feminist Humanitarian Network defines feminist as:

  • Being intersectional, inclusive, holistic, collaborative, and committed. 

  • Putting women (all self-identifying women) at the centre. 

  • Ensuring women’s dignity, driving transformation, dismantling patriarchy, and challenging exclusion. 

  • Leaving no-one behind, ensuring safety and safe spaces, and accountability and transparency. 

  • Recognising power dynamics, and taking action to address them, to shift power where necessary, and always using power responsibly. 

  • Being self-reflective, and open to adapting and changing, to ensure feminist principles are consistently upheld. 

  • Working together as a movement for women’s rights, for human rights, and justice for all.

STPC members developing resilience strat

Our role

As the Feminist Humanitarian Network, our role is to facilitate space to exchange experiences, to learn from and support each other.


It is to transform the humanitarian system so that we have a place at the decision making tables where the voices of women working on the frontlines currently go unheard.


It is to dismantle patriarchal practices in humanitarian action, and to critique and challenge the tools that are used by the sector that reinforce patriarchal principles through sharing experiences and learning, and collective advocacy.


It is to claim spaces that we, as women, and as women’s rights organisations in the Global South, have never been before.


It is to act as a hive mind – a resource as well as a support mechanism, where members (both organisations and individuals) can seek support from each other, and can act individually and collectively.


It is to continue to push for women’s leadership at the global level on humanitarian issues – to ensure women are represented in the humanitarian system.


As the Feminist Humanitarian Network, we are grounded in the experiences of our members working on the frontlines of crises. We work to transform humanitarian interventions at national and at all levels.


Our mandate is to build solidarity and shift power. We are made up of diverse members working together with one voice. Together, we are powerful. Amongst us there is not an individual standing tall – we are a collective, strengthening each other through collective power and action.


We support each other professionally and emotionally. We check in with each other. We have built a unique and safe space, enabled by our feminist principles, and consequently, we have trust – in our space and in each other.