Vision and Goal

 Photo: Mmonbedyo Nadine Joah (Organisation for Women and Children, Liberia)


A global humanitarian system that is responsive, accountable and accessible to women and their organisations, in all their diversity; that challenges rather than perpetuates structural inequalities


To strengthen the agency and amplify the voices of women in disasters.

 Photo: Members of the Feminist Humanitarian Network in Liberia at the FHN national launch.

A feminist humanitarian system: 


  • Is collectively and unwaveringly committed to achieving gender equality, recognising and responding to the systemic drivers of inequality, and using emergencies as catalysts to advance women and girls’ rights


  • Acknowledges the patriarchal and colonial dynamics within itself, that often exclude or downplay the contribution of those identifying as women and minorities, particularly those from the Global South


  • Takes responsibility for identifying unjust formal and informal power relations within itself by regularly critiquing the extent to which its structures and processes reinforce patriarchal power relations through humanitarian action


  • Actively shifts power to women-led organisations working in humanitarian contexts in the Global South by ensuring that they are resourced and consistently included, and that their leadership is recognised and made central in shaping the humanitarian system


  • Facilitates safe spaces through its coordination mechanisms, wherein actors working at all levels can be heard, and the expertise of diverse responders, including those identifying as women, is looked up to


  • Recognises that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, thereby ensuring that nobody is left behind.