Our objectives

Feminist Humanitarian Network members work together collectively to achieve the following objectives. We acknowledge the differentiation in power and privilege amongst our members, and use our different positionalities to work together to create change strategically at multiple levels in the humanitarian system. 

 Photo: Mimidoo Achakpa speaks to the media at the launch of the network she leads in Nigeria.

Our objectives are: 


  • To support women’s rights actors and movements leading humanitarian action in the Global South, to ensure their expertise and efforts are recognised and resourced by the humanitarian system.

  • To convene women and their organisations to collectively build feminist leadership, and share evidence and learning to transform the roles of women in humanitarian spaces.

  • To offer governments and other stakeholders alternative, feminist ways of working, that would achieve our vision of a feminist humanitarian system. 

  • To identify and challenge patriarchal practises that are barriers to women’s leadership, decision making, and meaningful engagement in humanitarian action and in the humanitarian system.

  • To mobilise collective action at critical moments, to demand that women’s leadership is recognised, and to ensure that women’s rights organisations are included in decision making spaces that influence the humanitarian system.

Our commitments

As Feminist Humanitarian Network members, we individually and collectively commit to upholding feminist values, both in the work we do to achieve change in the humanitarian system, and the way that we work with each other.

Our commitments are:​

  • To value women's rights, contributions, lived experiences, and solutions as feminist alternatives to disrupt the humanitarian system.

  • To create a safe and inclusive environment where the autonomy, identity, and diversity of all members, is respected and acknowledged.

  • To work within the Network according to feminist principles, and be conscious of power dynamics, working to transform power relationships, including funding.

  • To be accountable to other members and to the women we are supporting through our collective and decisive actions.

  • To recognise the collective power of the Feminist Humanitarian Network to provide sustainable solutions for global justice.

 Photo: Members of the Feminist Humanitarian Network in Liberia at the FHN national launch.