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Interested in becoming a member of the Feminist Humanitarian Network?

The Feminist Humanitarian Network is committed to maintaining a 70/30 balance between local actors and international actors. As such, the Network will accept new members based on expressions of interest.

Local and national organisations working in the Global South, international organisations, academic institutions and individuals may apply to become members of the Feminist Humanitarian Network.

We are committed to transforming power dynamics in the humanitarian system, and to recognising and addressing power dynamics within our Network. As such, the Network is committed to a membership with at least 70% representation by Global South local and national organisations and no more than 30% representation of international organisations and institutions. 

Women’s rights organisations from the Global South lead the FHN, and international organisations use their privilege to support this leadership in a variety of ways, including ensuring access for local actors to global decision making spaces within the humanitarian system.

This is also reflected in our decision-making structures, processes, and ways we work.

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Becoming a member of the Feminist Humanitarian Network means:


  • Building alliances, and sharing resources and learning on ways to increase women’s leadership, agency and voice in the humanitarian system

  • Co-creating a powerful global feminist advocacy agenda based on the progressive feminist work and analyses by members of the Network to target shifts in the humanitarian system

  • Collectively advocating to donors, governments and other stakeholders for shifts in the current humanitarian system, towards a one guided by feminist principles.

Members of the Feminist Humanitarian Network must align with the Network’s Membership Principle, which require them to: 


  • Be committed to a feminist approach

  • Be women’s organisations, or women-led organisations (wherein Board and management are women)

  • Have a focus on gender equality in their work

  • Have an inclusive and intersectional approach to their work, including being inclusive of women from the LGBTQ community

  • Be engaged in, or interested in engaging in humanitarian space

  • Have the capacity to participate in the Network, and significant interest in belonging

In addition to the criterion specified above, international organisations belonging to the Network must:


  • Be committed to opening space for women’s organisations in humanitarian spaces

  • Be committed to supporting local and national organisations to engage in humanitarian action

  • Have operational safeguarding policies in place


The Feminist Humanitarian Network recognises power dynamics and disparities within the Network and is collectively committed to overcoming them with practical measures. Given this, there are specific principles to which international organisations belonging to the network must adhere.
To join the Feminist Humanitarian Network or for more information, email: